THE human structure i.e. our body, is in fact a miniature form of the universe. Mudras reveal the truth about nature and contribute to the multi-faceted development of the human personality, thereby awakening human tendencies which are otherwise dormant.
One of the finest gifts of yoga to the cause of human welfare is the science of mudras. In this article I begin with yoga injections and Mudras (postures) which are of immense value for day to day healthy and purposeful life. Mudras can cure almost any ailment from a simple earache to a heart attack.
The entire nature and the universe is composed of five elements i.e. fire, air, water, earth and sky, so is our body. These elements are present in fixed proportions and a slightest imbalance of any of these cause wide spread havoc and disaster. Mudras are the means to normalise the five elements in the human body, which is self - sufficient, self-contained and completely perfect in it self. The Five fingers of the hand one by one, represents each of these elements, i. e. the thumb represent fire, the forefinger air, the middle finger sky, the third or ring finger earth and last or the fourth finger water. These correspond to the five elements that make up the human body and thus control of each of these elements is possible through the fingers.
The present atomic age has resulted in a fast and tense life, causing tension and anxiety. Most people have a general complaint about heart trouble and there is a cure through mudras for this problem.

For example a person who has developed heart trouble can check it by reducing the vayu tatva and apan vayu of his body and this easily can be achieved by the vayu and apan mudra jointly. This will act like a tablet of sorbitrate, not temporarily but lead to path of permanent recovery. Thus it is with apan- vayu mudra that a patient having a heart attack can check the attack and get instant relief by folding the forefinger down on the mound of the thumb, and joining the thumb with the tips of the third and forth finger. Hands have a power of their own. They can cure or curse according to the will of their owner, and one who knows how to use this power can control his life and health both mental and physical through various other important mudras.

  • « Mudra Science is based upon Tatva Yoga (science of elements) and they can help cure and prevent many diseases.
  • « Mudras generate Powers to provide all round development of mind & body which brings peace and happiness.
  • « Mudra can cure almost any ailment from simple earache to heart attack.
  • « Mudra help in moulding the Physical, Mental and even the Moral aspects of the individual.
  • « Practice of some of the Mudra regularly can cure Insomnia, Arthritis, improves memory.
  • « Mudra helps in Kundalini Yoga to awaken the Cosmic Energy and to unite consciousness of inner Supreme Soul.
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