After a lapse of many many years, one of those marvellous personalities on whom one can lay his eyes is Yoga Vibhuti Acharya Keshav Devji. He is among one of those renowned great men, who has through his meditation and learning achieved the impossible. Such an enlightened and illustrious spell-performing sage, endowed with heavenly powers and an accomplished sainthood is very seldom seen. Going to him for a glimpse of his heavenly countenance, one can enjoy his company, like to listen his discourses; and it is sure to stir up the emotions of the mind and gladden the heart. So many times it has been observed that his speech generates such an energy that the listeners turn to absolute Truth. To be able to grab his limitless knowledge is not only difficult but also inaccessible. Whenever, and as many times a devotee comes in contact with him, the devotee experiences new and extra-ordinary perceptions. His knowledge and deep understanding can make one familiar with our fathomless ancient Indian traditions and erudition. He is the savant of Indian Yoga, Music, Mudra Vigyan, Pran Vigyan, Paradhyan Sadhana, Telepathy, Tratak, Kundalini, Astrology and its various branches, Ulka Dhumraketu, Angvidya, Bugarbh Vigyan (Geology), Astrological Predictions, Mantra Vidya, Yagya Vidya, Ayurveda, Ratnachikitsa, Pran Vinimaya, Theosophy, Nature Cure, Divya Chikitsa, Brahma Vidya, Shabd Vigyan and many other allied sciences. It is difficult to fathom the depth of His Holiness Achrya Shri's divine knowledge. Gurudev's kindness is distinct and his greatest quality is his plain and simple nature. He is endowed with virtuous piety leading an austere life.
His life is full of worship, meditation and Yoga. His Holiness Acharya Shri's ambition is to unravel the secrets of the sciences of our ancient Indian culture-Yoga, Karmkand, Astrology, Veda, Upanishad, Mantra and the entire knowledge of the perceptible and the imperceptible among the common people of the world. He has, after many years of rigorous meditation and hard labour, experimented and discovered the pure and genuine scientific secrets of our Shastras. Because of his efforts many secret Yogic mysteries have come to light and it is possible that in future also many more discoveries would come to light.